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About Elizabeth Jackson
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"Health is therefore a function of proper alignment, balance and coordination of the higher subtle energy forms and forces within the physical vehicle."

Richard Gerber, M,D.
Author of Vibrational Medicine
Client Feedback

“I had been suffering with a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder and any movements caused severe pain, limiting my ability to lift my arm above my head. Immediately I felt the healing power of touch. All pain was gone and I continue to be pain free a year later. I am very grateful.” J.H.

Session in ICU: “A calm came over me. The bleeding stopped after you treated me with your hands. What a wonderful gift you have.” J.B.

"There is so much love. I have an awareness of connection. We are one with all living things." J.S.

Client with stroke: “My hand can open now. I can move my fingers open. You are an angel. I felt your energy.” B.G.

“My knees feel better. My pain level went from 8 to 2. I could feel the energy in your hands reaching me. I felt so much love.” B.H.

”That felt great. I never felt that wonderful in my whole life.” J.P.

I feel centered and focused. I felt energy move in the center of my body. I feel relaxed.” N.O.
Healing Touch Certified Practitioner

Elizabeth Jackson is a Holistic Nurse and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Florida State University and attended graduate school at Texas Women's University.

She has over 20 years experience in the health care field in Houston. Her primary nursing experience has been in Adult Psychiatric Services, specializing in dual diagnosis with medical disorders, addictions, abuse issues, depression and anxiety. In addition, Elizabeth is a third generation Medical Professional.

Member of the American Holistic Nurses Association

Elizabeth has a private practice in the Galleria area of Houston.
To schedule an appointment call (832) 651-4220

Having studied with Doreen Virtue Ph.D., Elizabeth became an Angel Therapy Practitioner and Professional Spiritual Teacher. She facilitates a support group for students and practitioners of Healing Touch Therapy in Houston.

With her specialty in Energy Therapy, Elizabeth blends her medical experience and spiritual essence to create an environment for the highest potential of health for the mind, body, emotion and spirit.
Wellness Counselor

Higher level wellness is more than absence of symptoms; it includes vitality and a joy of living, coupled with a feeling of self-worth and fulfilling one's maximum potential. Elizabeth assists in releasing trapped emotions and opening the heart, which enables you to reach your higher level wellness and experience:

• vitality
• happiness
• self-worth
• purpose

What happens during a Healing Touch session

Each session begins with an evaluation of the client’s health status. On the first visit an intake assessment form is filled out addressing relevant medical information, medications, lifestyle patterns, spiritual and emotional well being.

You relax on a massage table clothed with shoes, belt and jewelry removed. An energy assessment is done with the hands scanning slightly above the body to sense vibrations and imbalances in the field. Information from the assessment and the interview, combined with united intention, form the direction of the session. There are over 30 Healing Touch techniques from which to select. Each session is as individual as the client.

Each individual experience is unique and based upon your individual needs.

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